Vanja Grofica (BiH)

Vanja Grofica

Vanja Grofica Maric Kovacevic is a Professional Dancer, Jugde, Instructor & Owner of Dance Studio Mafdet based in city Banjaluka (RS/BiH).

Vanja is perfecting both styles, (Oriental & Tribal Fusion), and both of them have special place in her hearth because of its unique magic components.

She is also proud Zumba fitness instructor of two groups in Banjaluka , 8 years from now. Vanja has been the organizer of the Oriental Hafle in Banja Luka together with her dance colleague Ines Beslac since 2018.

From 2014 until now, Vanja has won many First places at various international festivals across the country, and recently she became a judge at the same festivals, and with great excitement she enjoys on the other side encouraging dancers to enjoy the magic of competition.

She is a frequent visitor of Dance workshops, how at home as well as abroad, because this dance you learn your whole life. Here is a list of people Vanja has had a chance to both learn from and work with: Oriental WS - Tito Seif, Randa Kamel,Mohamed Kazafy,Anna Borisova, Mercedes Nieto, Wael Mansour, Aleksei Riaboshapka, Prince Kayamer/Anastasios Kokkotas, Dariya Mitshkevich, Leila Oriental, Diva Darina, Marta Korzun, Nika Mlakar, Jamilah, Kathreen Derouet, Camilla Lombardi, Elena Dahabeya, Nadia Stoykova, Julia Farid Torgonska, Bartos Noemi, Martina Tellini, Kristina Derkach, Marta Abir Lencer, Leandro Ferreyra, Pablo Acosta, Amir Thaleb, Ali Nejm, Marina Oganyan, Artem Uzunov, Anjela Atanasova, Amra Smajić, Tanja Mirić, Inessa Aruena, Vjekoslav Didovic, Mateja Mikulan, Nikolina Nina Meral, Iris Bellyrina, Gordana Mincic ex Stevanovic, etc. Tribal WS: Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Sharon Kihara, Manca Pavli, Illan Riviere, Giulio Dillemi, Susan Frankovich, Violet Scrap, Olga Meos, Josefine Wandel, Paola Blanton, Kala Shadi etc.



Vanja Grofica

Welcome to Oriental Fairytales Festival - Belgrade, Serbia

It is with enormous pleasure and great honor that we present to you a unique festival of oriental dance in Serbia - Oriental Fairytales. Our oriental dance festival will provide you with the opportunity to learn from many internationally acclaimed instructors, the great names of contemporary oriental belly dance, as well as to share the stage with the stars of the international oriental belly dance scene, make new acquaintances and establish contacts. Through the competition part of the Oriental Fairytales festival you will have the opportunity to distinguish yourself and be noticed, as well as continue your dance perfecting by means of awards winning.

All programme on stage will be held in Pinokio Theatre, address is Marsala Tolbuhina 1, Novi Beograd. All workshops will be held within Sport and recreative center M, address is Goce Delceva 38 (new street name is Marsala Tolbuhina).

The Oriental Fairytales team will be responsible for flawless organization of the event and ensure your comfort, and is always available for all your questions and inquiries.

Come and tell us your own oriental fairy tale. We are always here for you! You are more than welcome and we're expecting your arrival!

Friday: Competition in all categories, Gala Show

Saturday: Workshops

Sunday: Workshops

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